Apr 23, 2024

Boost the success of your electronics project with the right microcontroller

Choosing the right microcontroller is crucial to the success of your electronics project, as each specification and system requirement plays a key role.


However, the real difference lies in having a team of highly skilled developers, trained directly by the manufacturer.


And that's exactly what Macnica ATD Europe delivers to its customers. When you choose GigaDevice microcontrollers, you are not just buying an electronic component, you are getting excellent technical and commercial support.


With our team at your side, your project gains agility and efficiency, allowing it to reach the market faster and achieve the desired success.

About GigaDevice

Provider of power solutions for regulated power supplies. Its solutions feature low energy consumption, high sensitivity, and high efficiency.


GigaDevice's portfolio includes a range of low-noise, low-voltage-drop linear regulators (LDO devices) that can supply a load current of 3A or 1.2A with a maximum voltage drop of just 180 mV.


LDO (low-dropout) devices feature high output circuit performance, integrated undervoltage blocking, soft-start control and multiple protection functions.


Possible applications:

  • wireless infrastructure;
  • industrial machinery;
  • high-speed communications;
  • radio frequency equipment;
  • medical devices;
  • deployment of solutions in noise-sensitive areas.


In addition, the output voltage of LDO devices can be controlled by an internal pin or an external resistor configuration. This is another advantage for those who are going to develop special electronic projects using customized integrated circuits (ASICs), FPGAs or digital signal processors (DSPs).

Microcontrollers for embedded systems from GigaDevice

With an advanced manufacturing process, attractive cost, and excellent application potential, GigaDevice's GD32H7 microcontrollers are ideal for:

  • signal processing
  • high-precision motor control
  • digital power supplies
  • energy storage
  • audio and voice recognition
  • graphics and imaging applications.


In addition, the GD32H7 series offers high processing power, energy efficiency, connectivity, and comprehensive security functions. The GD32H7 microcontroller (MCU) portfolio has 27 models divided into three series, available in five types of encapsulations: BGA176, LQFP176, LQFP144, BGA100 and LQFP100.


Due to the high clock speed of the CPU core and the large memory size, this product also supports applications that require intensive processing resources, such as machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Another important point is that GigaDevice's GD32H7 MCUs break the traditional performance limits of general-purpose microcontrollers. These MCUs have superior processing power to enable innovative applications in embedded systems, such as:

  • complex computing;
  • multimedia processing
  • edge computing;
  • ML and AI algorithms.


Do you want to know how GigaDevice's power solutions and our team of developers can be part of your electronics projects? Click here and contact us.