May 14, 2024

Discover the ideal RISC-V microcontroller for your electronics project

To develop an electronics project, there is a wide variety of electronic components that must be specified, such as microcontroller, memory, voltage controllers, connectivity modules (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular), Mosfets, among many others.


This can be quite an "electronic" puzzle, where many parts may not fit together in your electronic product.


However, this doesn’t need to be a problem for your engineering as you can count on Macnica ATD Europe's expertise in choosing the best components for your electronics project.


Currently, one type of microcontroller that has attracted a lot of attention from developers is the RISC-V microcontroller, which is an open, royalty-free instruction set architecture.


So, if you want to use this technology in your electronics project, you need to get to know GigaDevice's RISC-V microcontrollers.

RISC-V microcontroller from GigaDevice

GigaDevice's RISC-V microcontrollers offer your electronics project advantages such as flexibility, reduced cost and an open-source code base that facilitates software development.


In addition, the RISC-V architecture is known for its energy efficiency and performance, which can be attractive for a variety of applications in IoT (Internet of Things), embedded devices, industrial automation, among others.


All these advantages of GigaDevice's microcontrollers facilitate the development of electronic products for industrial control, motor drives, energy meters, alarm systems, consumer equipment, POS, vehicle GPS, LED displays, as well as low-power products such as portable equipment and wearable devices.


There are two families of RISC-V microcontrollers from GigaDevice, the GD32VF103 and GD32VW553, which are general-purpose microcontrollers and microcontrollers with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, respectively.

GD32VW553 RISC-V microcontrollers

The GD32VW553 microcontroller supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth LE 5.2 wireless connectivity. Taking advantage of a mature manufacturing process, GigaDevice develops consistent solutions for market applications that require efficient wireless capabilities. In other words, this family features advanced radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs), enhanced security mechanisms, generous storage capacity and a wide range of universal interfaces.


With these excellent connectivity and edge processing features, the GD32VW553 is used in various wireless application scenarios, including home appliances and smart home systems, industrial Internet, and communication gateways. This series of microcontrollers is also suitable for budget-constrained scenarios, making it the ideal choice for office equipment, payment terminals and various IoT products.


To meet the requirements of real-time processing and efficient communication, the microcontroller operates at a maximum clock frequency of 160 MHz. In addition, it has on-board DSP hardware acceleration capabilities, a double-precision floating point unit (FPU), instruction expansion interfaces and various other features.


Its small design results in excellent energy efficiency, while providing flexibility for scalability. This range is available in the compact QFN40 and QFN32 package types.


The integrated 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 6 RF module follows the IEEE 802.11ax standard and is backwards compatible with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard, ensuring its suitability for different network environments. It supports orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA), allowing several devices to share channel resources, resulting in a 60% higher data transmission rate compared to Wi-Fi 4.


In addition, it offers support for multi-user, multiple input, multiple output (MU -MIMO), allowing several devices to work simultaneously without interfering with each other, thus achieving high-efficiency communication and low latency in high-density access scenarios for several devices.


The integrated Bluetooth LE 5.2 RF module extends the communication distance, increases throughput, improves security, and saves energy by following the latest Bluetooth specifications. It provides high-speed data mode of 2 Mbps and multiple rates of 125K/500Kbps to effectively reduce transmission time and improve sensitivity. It facilitates the establishment and configuration of stable, high-speed wireless networks, even in the case of multiple devices and complex environments.


As such, the new RISC-V Combo Wireless microcontroller offers advanced baseband and RF performance with a variety of additional features.


GD32VW553 combo wireless MCU
  • Integrates up to 4 MB of Flash, 320 KB of SRAM and 32 KB of configurable instruction cache (I-Cache) to significantly improve the CPU's processing efficiency.
  • Excellent wireless performance, it is equipped with advanced universal wireless interfaces, including three U(S)ART, two I2C, one SPI, one four-wire QSPI and up to 29 programmable GPIO pins.


Its integrated components include two 32-bit general-purpose timers, two 16-bit general-purpose timers, four 16-bit basic timers, an advanced PWM timer and a 12-bit ADC.


The power supply voltage ranges from 1.8 V to 3.6 V and offers a high temperature of up to 105 ℃ to suit application scenarios such as industrial control interconnection, lighting equipment and socket panels.


It offers various security features to streamline the secure connection and management of high-performance wireless devices. It supports the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security feature, incorporating new WPA3 encryption technologies for personal and corporate networks.

It has a hardware encryption and decryption engine that supports DES, triple DES, AES and Hash algorithms. It supports the Public Key Cryptographic Acceleration Unit (PKCAU) to guarantee data confidentiality and integrity during wireless communication. Not to mention that the True Random Number Generator (TRNG) can provide unpredictable data for key generation in a variety of security protocols, further enhancing the system's security features.


Contact us to find out more about these RISC-V microcontrollers from GigaDevice and how the Macnica ATD Europe team can speed up the development of your electronic project.