08 June 2023

IoT solutions for predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0

IoT solutions for predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0

Predictive maintenance in the Industry 4.0 era is an activity that allows the application of technologies such as:

  • processing at the edge (edge computing);
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI);
  • Internet of Things (IoT).

The AI capability to process a lot of data at the edge, instantly, and detect anomalies makes human decision making more assertive. According to a McKinsey study, the global size of this market is over $500 billion.


These data show that the use of technology in predictive maintenance is growing more and more. Moreover, they confirm the concept of Industry 4.0 and the new industrial evolution we are living.


For an industry to remain competitive, it is necessary to be aware of these changes and keep your innovation planning up to date. This is when Macnica ATD Europe adds value to the market.


IoT solutions for predictive maintenance

Any technology application process goes through a maturity curve, during which various areas are addressed in a systematic way. Edge computing and AI and IoT solutions can be applied in these areas, in which systems can interact to add more value to your process.


In such cases, when we talk about IoT solutions, we always think of Espressif solutions, a strong brand in developing products with connectivity and processing. These solutions have powerful IoT chips, operating systems, and application frameworks at their disposal to develop your products. This means you can focus on your design and bring your product to life quickly and efficiently.

Espressif Solutions

One of Espressif's great solutions is ESP RainMaker, which provides a complete solution for IoT solution developers. ESP RainMaker provides fully customizable device firmware, mobile applications, voice assistant integration, and cloud back-end.


Using this solution, you can create your own cloud account and have full control over your data. With this, your IoT product can be launched on the market much faster.


Another very important point is that Espressif's chips have an integrated processor. So, with a single chip, you can have Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, and data processing. Thinking about the design of your PCB board, this means more use of physical space.


The application of Espressif solutions in Industry 4.0 is very important for industrial predictive maintenance, because its use helps in monitoring environmental data such as:

  • temperature;
  • humidity;
  • gas concentration;
  • lighting.

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