Feb 22, 2024

Learn how to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your video surveillance system

It is humanly impossible to monitor dozens or hundreds of security cameras from a video surveillance system.


The fatigue, tiredness and distractions that can occur compromise not only the service, but also the security of the site.


So, no matter how many surveillance cameras you have, events will always escape the operators' eyes and, depending on what goes unnoticed, the consequences can be irreversible or even fatal.


To solve this problem, Macnica ATD Europe has brought Icetana to Europe, an intelligent solution for video surveillance unlike anything you have seen so far.


The Icetana AI Solution signals abnormal situations that are occurring in real time, associating artificial intelligence (AI) with the security system's video monitoring.


In this way, the AI solution learns what is normal for the environment according to the images from the cameras and starts to identify and warn of abnormal situations. This makes monitoring dozens, hundreds and even thousands of video cameras in your security system much more efficient, agile, and assertive.


And all this without the need to configure or calibrate the software for each camera, or define thousands of rules to train the artificial intelligence.


Once Icetana's Artificial Intelligence has been installed and trained for the location to be monitored, it begins to identify abnormal situations and highlight these images to the operator.


In other words, if a car is passing by in a place that doesn't normally receive a flow of cars, it will generate an alert and the operator will be able to take action if necessary. In addition, within Icetana's video monitoring system, the operator can classify this situation as normal or abnormal.


This information, which can be recorded weekly, will be used in the next retraining of Icetana's AI solution, making the solution increasingly intelligent for monitoring the environment.


Another situation that Icetana's AI solution is able to identify as abnormal is the movement of cars or people at an unusual time for the location. In other words, people walking or standing in front of a commercial store in the early hours of the morning, or a car parked in a company yard outside office hours.


All of these situations are identified by the Icetana Solution as abnormal because of its training, which is based on images of the location and not on predefined rules, like analytical systems.


In this way, the operator has total control over the new updates required by Icetana's Artificial Intelligence, and these will always be based on real situations on site, including those that wouldn't even be considered if it were necessary to create a set/group of rules to train the AI.


And you can have all these advantages in your video surveillance system in just a few days.


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