Mar 26, 2024

Much more efficient Machine motors with ADI' smart OtoSense sensor

The operational efficiency of machine motors within industry plays a key role in the success and profitability of businesses.


When machines operate continuously, without interruptions due to problems or failures, production is maximized, and costs are reduced. This allows companies to meet production targets, remain competitive in the market, and ensure customer satisfaction.


However, when machine engines are interrupted due to technical problems, the impacts can be significant.


In addition to the direct costs associated with repairs, there are also production losses and potential delays in deliveries. These interruptions result in considerable financial losses for companies, affecting their profitability and reputation in the market.


Therefore, ensuring the continuous efficiency of machine motors is crucial to avoiding such scenarios and keeping industrial operations running smoothly.


To do this, you need ADI Otosense's intelligent sensor, which uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor motors in real time.


ADI Otosense's intelligent sensor for motors collects precise data during operation, including parameters such as temperature, vibration and energy consumption.


The data collected is processed using artificial intelligence, allowing for the early detection of possible faults and the identification of abnormal performance trends. This analysis provides a clear view of the state of the engine, performing optimized diagnostics for each individual unit.


In this way, it detects anomalies and defects in engines, making it possible to predict maintenance cycles with high precision and avoid unscheduled downtime in production.


Regardless of the type of engine, the smart sensor provides the most critical diagnostics, translating data into actionable insights.


Thus, ADI OtoSense smart sensor enables 24/7 condition-based monitoring of all your low-voltage electric motors.


It shows information clearly, telling you what the problem is and how to solve it.


Here are some of the benefits that ADI's OtoSense intelligent motor sensor can bring to your plant:

  • Improved operational efficiency;
  • Reduced costs;
  • Improved quality of manufactured products;
  • Consolidation of your competitive position in the sector.

Quick and easy installation, with no need to disconnect the engine


Configuration: Installation can be done while the engine is running and ADI OtoSense can be configured via the mobile app


Learning: Once the sensor is installed and configured, ADI OtoSense learns the normal operating conditions.


Execution: Monitoring of electrical or mechanical fault alerts via the mobile app or a web dashboard


Would you like to have this intelligent motor sensor on your production line and avoid unplanned downtime? Contact us and talk to our experts.