20 May 2021

Release of Macnica SLVS-EC Rx IP

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Macnica ATD Europe announces release of Macnica SLVS-EC Rx IP

• IP versions for both Intel and Xilinx devices

• Evaluation Kit Xilinx Kintex UltraScale+ FPGA KCU116 and Macnica

EasyMVC IMX420 can be loaned through Macnica ATD Europe


Chatou/France, 29 October 2020.

Macnica ATD Europe today announced that its parent company Macnica Inc. now offers Macnica SLVS-EC IP versions for both Intel

and Xilinx devices. SLVS-EC is a high-speed interface defined by Sony for highresolution/

high-frame-rate CMOS image sensors. The standard is tolerant of lane-tolane skew because of embedded clock technology, so that it makes a board level design very easy in terms of high-speed and long distance transmission. The Macnica SLVS-EC Rx IP is an intellectual property toolkit that highly facilitates boardlevel design for SLVS-EC.

The INTEL device families that are supported by Macnica SLVS-EC IP include Cyclone V GX; Cyclone 10 GX; and Arria 10 GX. In the XILINX world the supported FPGA families include Artix-7; Kintex-7; Kintex Ultrascale and Kintex Ultrascale+.

The devices are compliant with the SLVS-EC specification versions 1.2 and 2.0. A particularly remarkable feature supported by Macnica’s IP is the Error Correction

Feature (ECC Option-1) which allows maintaining good image quality even under severe conditions and unexpected data corruption. As supported features may differ depending on the device family Macnica ATD Europe stands by to provide details.


Macnica hardware demo environment

Customers can benefit from the extensive demo environment provided by the Versatile Machine Vision Camera Development Kit EasyMVC from Macnica. For Macnica SLVS-EC IP demos running on Xilinx devices the Macnica IMX420 FMC kit combined with the Xilinx Development kits AC701; KC705; KCU105; KCU116 can be tested. The choice of EasyMVC combinations for INTEL demos includes the sensor boards IMX420/421 or IMX530 together with the FPGA board Cyclone 10GX combined with an interface board which supports HDMI; CoaxPress; USB3; 10Gige or other. In addition, Macnica currently also considers porting SLVS-EC IP and CoaXPress IP to Microsemi PolarFire, a low power consumption device which would make an EasyMVC PolarFire version attractive to machine vision customers.


Evaluation kits can be loaned through Macnica ATD Europe

For both the Intel and Xilinx version a free evaluation license can be requested for a three monthtest period. In addition, Macnica ATD Europe provides a Xilinx EvaluationKit Kintex UltraScale+ FPGA KCU116to customers as well as a Macnica EasyMVC IMX420 development kit which both can be loaned free of charge.


Founded in 1990 as ATD Electronique, Macnica ATD Europe offers innovative components dedicated to imaging applications for the European market. Its product portfolio includes: image sensors (CCD, CMOS, InGaAs, Thermal etc.), optics, interface circuits, IPs, imaging processors, cables and OLED microdisplays. It also covers development tools and design services enabling fast and efficient realization of new high-performance camera systems for markets such as machine vision, medical, life sciences, surveillance, automotive and others. After the acquisition of the company by Macnica Inc. as of October 1, 2020 the company operates under the name Macnica ATD Europe.

Macnica ATD Europe

2 - 6, rue Emile Pathé- Espace Lumière,

Batiment 2, 78400 CHATOU - FRANCE

Ph: + 33 1 30 15 69 70

Fax: + 33 1 86 39 00 22


Press Contact:

Vision Communications - Andreas Breyer


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