20 September 2022

Security System for Ports using Artificial Intelligence

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If security is important anywhere, imagine inside a port that operates every day with high value-added cargo? For this extremely demanding environment it is vital that security is the main requirement.


To meet this demand and generate much more efficiency, Macnica ATD Europe presents Icetana's solution, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques.


In this solution, the software learns and filters routine movement, showing only unusual or anomalous behavior on the main screen, allowing operators to focus on important events and respond in real time to suspicious activities and incidents.


The main one is that to have all the advantages of an intelligent system, it is not necessary to change the existing infrastructure, which means: low investment and high efficiency gains.


One of the main pains of those who manage ports and terminals is the security of assets and liabilities.


In order for a Port to operate, the agencies responsible for the certifications require that the entire port area be visualized by the camera monitoring system. In addition, it is necessary:

  • Use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) in and around the port;
  • Installation of alarms;
  • Perimeter protection;
  • Access control by biometrics and badges;
  • Guards training;
  • Use of PSPP systems; among others.

It is clear that the security system for ports is extremely demanding, after all, it operates with high value-added cargo.


However, even with all these measures, there is still a lot of news about international drug trafficking, so it is important to bring more resources to port security systems. With artificial intelligence this is possible.



Challenges of security systems for ports:

  • Monitor the entire perimeter of the port, installing many cameras and ensuring that there are no blind spots and/or that the cameras encounter physical barriers
  • Ensuring that all cameras are up and running at all times
  • Track all employees in real time
  • Detection of idleness and abnormal activities
  • Detection of employees without PPE
  • Yard Access Control and Perimeter Violation
  • Detection of objects removed or left in the places
  • Detection of anomaly situations
  • Detection of vehicles traveling in the wrong direction or outside the standard route


In theory, all these points are monitored by video by the security systems. But in practice, we know that there are limitations and the main one is human visual perception.


It is impossible for a person to monitor hundreds of cameras in real time and identify all abnormal situations. As trained and experienced as the guards and watchmen are, there is a physical limitation.


And it is at this point that Artificial Intelligence becomes the main ally of the security system for ports. Because this technology becomes a tireless extra pair of eyes for the security team.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for security systems

Associating Artificial Intelligence with the video monitoring system does not mean updating the entire physical system. By the way, using Icetana's solution, the update happens only in the software, keeping the entire existing camera system.

Features that Icetana offers:

  • Only filters the cameras that have some anomalous situation happening to the main screen, such as people in forbidden places, decreasing eyestrain
  • When identifying the situation, Icetana’s system rewinds the recording and shows the previous seconds so that the operator understands what the situation and can act accordingly
  • The software saves images from all cameras in a compact way, optimizing the space for data storage
  • With Icetana it is possible to visualize what happened in the last 24 hours in 30 minutes
  • It is possible to create alerts for all situations that must be identified as abnormal, such as cell phone use, vehicles on an abnormal route


In addition to all these points, Icetana's solution uses artificial intelligence to become more efficient every day.

The AI ​​solution learns from the behavior of the location and identifies when something abnormal happens and issues alerts.


There are many advantages that Icetana's AI solution adds to the video surveillance security system for ports and terminals.


Contact us and find out how you can have all the benefits of Icetana at your port or terminal immediately.

Email: marketing.mae@macnica.com


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