Jun 25, 2024

Smart Video Monitoring: More security and efficiency for airports

Video surveillance at airports to maintain security is nothing new. However, the real efficiency of this system is often questioned, given the exorbitant volume of cameras that needs to be monitored by operators. It is humanly impossible to always keep an eye on everything.


According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), airports face significant threats from criminal activity, including terrorism, smuggling and human trafficking.


To bring more security to airports, Macnica ATD Europe has brought to Europe the Icetana solution, which aims to provide a significant transformation to environments that require special attention, such as airports, ports, shopping malls and other places with a high turnover of people, where security is paramount.

The Icetana Solution Differential

What sets Icetana's solution apart from others on the market is the advanced use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand and monitor the entire environment effectively. This technology is trained to learn what is routine in each location, allowing the solution to identify and respond to any anomalies in real time.

Quick and easy to install

Icetana's AI solution is plug-and-play, meaning you don't have to stop your current operation to add this artificial intelligence. What's more, there's no need to change the installed hardware, which allows you to quickly add advanced features to your video surveillance security system.

Icetana's AI solution gets smarter over time

By applying self-learning on a recurring basis, the AI algorithm learns what the normal and abnormal situations are in the area. As a result, the alerts generated become increasingly refined and accurate.

How does it work?

Environmental learning

The Icetana solution is initially trained to understand the routines and patterns of the specific environment, be it an airport, port or shopping mall. This is done through a collaborative process with local experts, ensuring that the AI understands all the nuances of the environment.

Real-time monitoring

Once trained, the solution continuously monitors all the cameras connected to the system. Any behavior or activity that deviates from the established pattern is immediately detected.

Instant Alerts

When it identifies an anomaly, the system generates real-time alerts for operators. These alerts are highlighted on the relevant cameras, allowing operators to take immediate action.

Incident prevention

With the ability to detect and flag suspicious behavior or unusual situations quickly, the Icetana solution helps prevent numerous incidents that could cause major risks and damage, ensuring the safety of the environment and people.

Benefits of the video surveillance solution

Operational Efficiency

By automating anomaly detection, the Icetana solution frees up operators to focus on critical actions, improving the overall efficiency of the security system.

Reduced Human Error

AI minimizes the possibility of human error in surveillance, ensuring constant and accurate monitoring.

Immediate Response

Real-time detection enables rapid responses, potentially preventing incidents before they become major problems.


The solution continuously adapts to the environment, learning and adjusting as routines and patterns evolve.

How can Icetana improve airport security?

luggage in an airport
airport intrusion
fire and smoke in an airport

Unattended Bagage


Locate backpacks and suitcases that are left unattended for long periods of time.



Identify when people and cars are present in restricted areas at unexpected times.

Fire and smoke


Locate fire and safety risks in real time.



smoking in airport
robbery in an airport
medical emergency in an airport

Smoke and vaporization


Locate people smoking cigarettes or vaping in restricted areas.



Detect behaviors that lead to theft and break-ins.

Medical emergencies


Notify security teams when a client or team member suffers a slip or fall for personal or environmental reasons.



Icetana's AI Solution improves the safety and security of airports through advanced surveillance, covering everything from physical altercations, harassment and medical emergencies to routine monitoring and prevention.


If you work in one of these environments, with a high turnover of people, contact us, Icetana's solution is an indispensable innovation. With the application of AI, it transforms traditional video surveillance into a proactive and efficient system, ensuring the safety of the environment and people.