Nov 03, 2022

Warehouses rely on AI in the security system

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The security system used in goods warehouses needs to go beyond video monitoring. For this, it is necessary to have a real-time video surveillance system, which can monitor and alert the team in the field whenever an abnormal situation occurs.


This way, it will be possible to act quickly and efficiently to avoid damage, not to mention that the data collected can generate many insights for improvements in the overall process.


These are just some of the benefits of using Icetana's AI solution in your video surveillance system. This technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor the images collected by the security cameras and creates alerts.


After selecting the cameras that are showing abnormal behavior, the images are automatically displayed on the main screen. Initially a replay of the past instants is seen, and after a few seconds you have the real-time situation. This feature is also important because it reduces the visual fatigue of the security staff that normally monitors hundreds of cameras.


See how Icetana's AI solution is already being used in warehouse centers (DC) and bringing many advantages.


Case using Icetana's AI solution

The client is a large global warehouse and logistics operator. Its main characteristics are:

  • Receives over 150,000 orders per day
  • Distribution Center has 93,000 square meters
  • It has 1,200 permanent employees and 2,000 seasonal workers

Considering the size of the client a large number of cameras is expected and with-it great challenges, see what the main ones were:


The CCTV system was only being used reactively for post-incident analysis. Around 227 incidents were identified per semester.

There was a need to move from a reactive CCTV network to a proactive CCTV network to highlight incidents in real time.

Better utilize the CCTV network to meet the organization's risk management strategy.

Having an efficient monitoring system expansion plan considering a planned expansion to reach nearly 4,000 cameras and an intelligent solution to manage this large network.

After the integration of Icetana's AI solution to the client's video surveillance security system and the installation of 200 more cameras at the site, we have already noticed many positive impacts on the efficiency of the warehouse security system. Among them, we can list a few:

  • 140 unusual or anomalous events were automatically identified and reported to the warehouse's Loss Prevention, this represents a 1,500% increase in just 35% of the total number of cameras at the site.
  • Another point is that 65% of these incidents are related to health and safety practices, something that needs high monitoring.
  • In addition, there has been a significant increase in situational awareness of the site allowing for preventative actions to safeguard members, property, and brand.
  • In a first instance the scenario against specific events requested by Loss Prevention was carried out and was successful.


In this way, Icetana's AI solution demonstrated a significant improvement in CCTV operations, operator engagement and as a value generator for the current infrastructure.

Competitive Advantages of Icetana's AI Solution

Icetana's software provides metrics for accelerated review of camera images and performance to optimize security assets and ensure that a high level of incident detection is achieved.


In this way, incident reporting is accelerated and so is image review, where for a single camera, 24 hours of footage can be reviewed in less than 2 minutes.


Another advantage of Icetana's AI solution is that all cameras in the system are monitored for optimal performance. That is, adjustments are recommended as needed, including:

  • camera lighting.
  • camera realignment.
  • network enhancement.


In addition to the many advantages already mentioned the software can also identify situations such as:

  • Access control violations
  • Loss of merchandise in internal transport
  • Tampering, camera blocking
  • Fire point identification
  • Interference in transmission by transported objects
  • Items falling out of/removed from safety cages
  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Product damage/theft
  • Suspicious behavior
  • Throwing of objects (over the fence, for example)


Regarding the care for the safety and health of people working and circulating in the warehouse centers, we can highlight that Icetana's AI solution identifies the following situations:

  • Directional stair and walkway violations
  • Driving violations
  • Forklift truck safety non-compliance
  • Safety barrier transgression
  • Manual handling non-compliance
  • Pedestrians on MHE tracks
  • Smoke
  • Uncontrolled roll cages


Want to know how you can have all these benefits?


Contact us to find out how we can make your safety system even more efficient.

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