11 April 2023

The 7 benefits of predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0


When it comes to maintenance, do you immediately think of corrective and preventive maintenance, i.e. making repairs after the problem happens and making periodic stops to evaluate the equipment? Then you need to know the benefits of predictive maintenance.


It is done based on the equipment condition, it is becoming increasingly prominent and brings many advantages to the entire production chain of Industry 4.0, such as increased profit and productivity. Therefore, it can be a great option to increase your company's profitability.


Here are the 7 benefits of predictive maintenance and how to implement it in your company.

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

1 - Increased profitability

Predictive maintenance reduces production stops to evaluate equipment and reduces maintenance and repair costs. Consequently, your company's profit increases.

2 - Increased productivity

One of the benefits of predictive maintenance is that it is done based on the condition of the machines, which generates a greater availability of machines for production and ensures that they are within the expected operating conditions. This makes the plant produce more and better.

3 - Reduction of maintenance costs

With predictive maintenance, the costs of labor, repair parts, tools and other equipment needed to keep the equipment running are replaced by a system that shows in real time the condition of the production floor's machines. With this, it is possible to better plan maintenance actions, procurement of supplies, and allocation of maintenance personnel, reducing costs.

4 - Reduction of the number of failures

The real-time monitoring of the machines' conditions brings us another benefit of predictive maintenance: the reduction in the number of unexpected and catastrophic machine failures. Two years after the implementation, it is possible to reach a reduction of more than 55%.

5 - Increase in the time between failures

As the monitoring of the machines is done 24/7, it is possible to schedule the stops according to the need: when a part presents an abnormal behavior, this can be corrected before an unexpected stop happens. Besides not having a big impact on your company's productivity, this monitoring helps to increase the time between machine failures.

6 - Reduction of machine downtime

Besides the number of failures and the number of stops, machine downtime also decreases. According to data from the Excellence Blog, this reduction can reach 60% of the mean time to repair (MTTR).

7 - Increased safety of the production floor

With predictive maintenance, any abnormality generates an alert, which avoids accidents caused by destructive failure that can result in human, environmental and material damage. This generates even more safety for your company.

How to implement Predictive Maintenance?

Now that you know what the benefits of predictive maintenance are, you may be wondering how to benefit from all of them in your company. Macnica ATD Europe offers ADI Otosense solution to implement predictive maintenance using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and bring Industry 4.0 to your company.


ADI OtoSense: an intelligent sensor for monitoring engines using AI, which can be installed while the engine is running and makes the data available on the mobile app and browser.


Want to get all these benefits of predictive maintenance in your company? Contact us at marketing.mae@macnica.com.

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