21 September 2022

Avoid robberies: meet the solution using AI and transform your security system

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Robberies in malls, mainly in jewelry stores, unfortunately still happen today. In May 2022, in Paris, the Channel store located in Rue de La Paix, a place with a high concentration of luxury jewelry stores, suffered a robbery as shown in the report on the RFI website.


Last year, also in Paris, an attempted robbery at the Bulgari store nearly caused a loss of about US$ 12 million. Read more about it.


In the face of these and many other occurrences, it is vital that security systems can identify suspicious situations allowing for immediate timely intervention.


And that's exactly what Icetana's AI Solution does. It analyzes camera footage and focuses on suspicious situations, eliminating surveillance fatigue errors.


With this solution, your security system will be able to identify an abnormal situation in real time, such as a jewelry store robbery, and notify the security team very quickly.


It will be possible to:

  • Prevent the action of burglars

  • Prevent people from getting injured

  • Decrease the financial losses of jewelry stores and other stores


The benefits are many and Icetana's Security Solution delivers all all of them and even more.


Icetana's solution monitors videos using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify abnormal situations such as agglomerations, suspicious behavior in jewelry stores, stores and shopping malls.


Do you know why it is so efficient?


Because it filters the images from the cameras and only highlights on the main screen the cameras with suspicious actions, which usually represent 1 to 2% of the images monitored by a security system.


Would you like to understand more about Icetana solution? Watch the explanatory video: https://youtu.be/ucqhPzxA8v8


Contact us and we will help you.

Email: marketing.mae@macnica.com


About Icetana:

Icetana is a global software company that provides video analytics solutions designed to identify unusual actions automatically and in real time for surveillance networks such as: transit systems, public and private security, industry, among other security, control and surveillance.

The software integrates with existing video management systems and IP cameras. The Icetana solution is able to filter the images that appear on the cameras with unusual actions and place them on the operator's main screen, optimizing the team's human resources and enabling quick and effective action.

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