04 May 2023

Intelligent Fire Prevention Systems

Intelligent Fire Prevention Systems

Lives and stories can no longer be lost. Therefore, investing in fire prevention measures is essential.


To act quickly in dangerous situations, it is necessary to have an intelligent and robust smoke and fire detection system that can send warnings and alarms. After all, better than fighting fires is to prevent them with modern and intelligent systems.


Macnica ATD Europe has several options of intelligent systems and disruptive technologies in its portfolio.


Video surveillance solution for fire detection


Discrete solutions are efficient for fire prevention. However, it is often necessary to optimize existing resources, for example by using the video surveillance system to identify outbreaks of fire. In this case, Icetana's AI solution is the perfect solution.


Icetana's AI solution uses artificial intelligence to identify smoke and thus fire outbreaks in places that have video surveillance camera systems installed. Using this system, it is possible to identify risky situations at an early stage, allowing the security team to have time to act and avoid major problems. Thus, technology can act in favor of security and the preservation of life.


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