07 November 2022

Macnica Optimizes Facility Security with State-of-the-Art Anomaly Detection Technology

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Yokohama, Japan, Oct 30, 2022 - Macnica, Inc., a total service and solution provider in semiconductors, networks, cybersecurity and AI/IoT, is pleased to announce an investment in icetana Limited (icetana; ASX: ICE), a global SaaS firm providing motion intelligence solutions, along with the exclusive distribution of icetana in Japan. With this investment, the companies will strengthen cooperation in sales strategies and new technology development and focus on solving large-scale security issues using icetana to detect anomalies and predictive signs in real time using AI-driven video analytics surveillance software designed to automatically identify unusual or unexpected events.

In recent years, the following security issues have become apparent at large facilities:

  • Increased area under security management due to high-rise buildings, etc.
  • Increased labor costs due to a shortage of security personnel
  • Maintenance of security quality due to aging workforce and rising turnover

In order for managers of large-scale facilities to operate safely and securely in a sustainable manner, there is an urgent need for a security system that does not rely on manpower to deal with these issues, and many companies are considering the introduction of this latest technology.

Many surveillance camera systems using AI image analysis technology employ a mechanism for detecting "specific events" which are assumed in advance. However, in actual security situations, it is necessary to respond to unexpected incidents and accidents and respond continuously to additions and changes to detection targets.

Icetana, with unique anomaly detection software, utilizes AI image analysis technology that constantly ‘learns’ each camera’s pixel movement, and detects only those images that are out of the ordinary. Surveillance staff can concentrate on checking the images detected by icetana, making it possible to detect anomalies efficiently from multiple surveillance cameras, and respond to them quickly. This makes it possible to improve and optimize the quality of security.

The system is being adopted by major developers in Japan, and construction of security systems using icetana is accelerating at the Marunouchi Building, Shin-Marunouchi Building, Otemachi Building, and other buildings in the Marunouchi area owned and operated by Mitsubishi Estate Co.

Main features of icetana

  1. Since the detection targets are sets of pixels rather than persons or objects, icetana responds to various situations, such as fires, intrusions, reverse driving, falls, and crowds.
  2. As the AI is constantly learning and filtering out routine motion, detecting only anomalous behaviour, it allows operators to focus on real-time events and responses, improving surveillance quality.
  3. Since cameras currently in use can be used as is, installation costs can be minimized, and large-scale construction work is not required, making it possible to introduce the system in a short period of time.

Value provided by Macnica

In addition to providing icetana as software, Macnica will support customers until they achieve the results they expect, including calculation of implementation effects and application to on-site operations.

  • Support during site surveys and selecting the necessary systems, to procurement and construction
  • Proposal of optimal security operations to reduce manpower and improve quality
  • Estimations of the effects of introduction and demonstration experiments, etc.

With the investment in icetana and conclusion of the sales agreement, Macnica has gained exclusive sales rights in Brazil, in addition to Japan, and priority sales rights in Europe. The investment will enable Macnica to collaborate with a wide range of partner companies to promote the deployment of icetana in airports, logistics facilities, smart cities, and other facilities with security issues, contributing to a safe and secure society. In addition, Macnica will work to build functions and solutions which solve customer issues, based on its strength in global sourcing and strategic planning for world-leading technologies.

Matthew Macfarlane, CEO of icetana :

We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with the team from Macnica who have been deeply engaged in our product journey as well as actively positioning us in the crucial Japanese surveillance market. With this investment, we are confident that we will continue to expand our business with Macnica, not only in the Japan market but also around the world, and further deepen and strengthen our relationship."


  • Click here for details of ICETANA’s services for real estate and facility managers

URL: https://www.macnica.co.jp/business/ai/manufacturers/icetana/products/142324/

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About icetana Limited

icetana Limited (ASX: ICE) is a global software company providing video analytics solutions designed to automatically identify anomalous actions in real-time for large scale surveillance networks. Our software integrates with customers’ existing video management systems and IP cameras. icetana leverages rich data streams from existing security networks to enable even better situational awareness and deeper insights. Currently, it is implemented in more than 60 locations on five continents and is used in a wide range of industries. Please see https://www.icetana.com/ for details.

‍About Macnica

Since it was established in 1972, Macnica has provided leading-edge semiconductors, electronic devices, networks and cyber security products with high value-added technology. Macnica has been actively developing new businesses in the fields of AI, IoT, automated driving and robotics, based on its strength in global sourcing and strategic planning for world-leading technologies. With its slogan "Co. Tomorrowing", Macnica connects leading-edge technologies with ‘Macnica’ intelligence to provide unique services and solutions, creating social value and contributing to the betterment of future societies. Headquartered in Yokohama, Macnica’s global business spans 24countries/regions and 80 locations worldwide. For more information, please visit https://www.macnica.co.jp/en/.

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