04 April 2023

Increase your manual assembly line throughput

Increase your manual assembly line throughput

Manual assembly is a process present in many different industries. Therefore, using technology to improve the process and reduce errors is essential. As it is crucial for the industry, Macnica ATD Europe offers innovative and disruptive solutions.

Pathfinder Apollo: AI solution to optimize manual assembly

To improve the process on the manual and repetitive assembly line, we offer Pathfinder Apollo, an AI solution, developed by Retrocausal, which is a market leader in smart solutions for industry. The solution uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled camera that, upon detecting an error in an operator's task on a manual, repetitive assembly line, triggers audible and visual alerts.

How does the AI solution work in practice?

Retrocausal's AI solution can reduce errors in manual and repetitive assembly through intelligent video monitoring. The platform's artificial intelligence identifies errors while on the workbench and signals them to the employee, who can quickly correct the error and finish the process correctly.


In addition, the Pathfinder Apollo platform continuously performs time studies on assembly processes, enabling greater control and management over the manual activities performed in a manufacturing unit. With this real-time monitoring system, training time for new employees is greatly reduced, and errors caused by temporary employees can be reduced to practically zero.

Where and why to use this AI solution?

Retrocausal's AI video monitoring solution can be implemented in many different markets, such as industrial, computer, medical, and others that have manual and repetitive assembly processes.


With this platform you will be able to

  • increase production by 10%;

  • reduce assembly quality problems by 60%;

  • reduce training time for new employees by 44%.


This is possible because the entire process is monitored by the Pathfinder Apollo platform's camera and artificial intelligence, and the system's feedback is done in real time on the monitor in front of the operator.


Contact us at marketing.mae@macnica.com to learn how you can have all these advantages in your manual and repetitive assembly line.

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