12 January 2023

To make your security system much more efficient

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To get a better quality of life, it is necessary to be secured. Therefore, it is increasingly needed to take technology and intelligence to the environments security system, and this is what the Icetana’s AI solution, brought by Macnica ATD Europe, does. Using artificial intelligence, the solution is able to learn and map the normal situations of each location and notify in real time any abnormal situation.


Thus, the security team can make much faster and more assertive decisions about abnormal situations and ensure that all occurrences are identified, whether they are of less or greater risk.


With its real time alerts system, Icetana's solution makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the security system without necessarily increasing the number of cameras or staff.

What is Icetana's AI solution?

It is an AI software, connected to an existing video surveillance security camera system, trained to perform anomaly detection. With this solution instead of "detecting specific events" based on pre-defined rules, it is possible to detect "unusual" or "anomalous" conditions.


In addition, the system hides all normal images from the main screen and highlights all abnormal situations, preventing risky events from going unnoticed due to the visual fatigue of security personnel, who often monitor hundreds of cameras.

Motion Intelligence in action - AI identifying the displacement of pixels in the environment.

Main features of the AI solution

A single system can handle all types of events

Since the target to be detected is not a person or object, but a collection of pixels, it can handle all kinds of situations, such as fires, intrusions, reverse motion, falls and crowds.

No need to define rules

Normal conditions can be learned and abnormalities can be detected from differences, eliminating the need to collect a large amount of data and define detailed rules during initial system configurations.

Intelligence resilient to environmental changes

During operation, Icetana's AI solution learns based on the most recent videos (e.g. 2 weeks) and updates the normal state condition of the environment so that it can identify abnormal changes. This way, there is no need to adjust the camera's angle of view every time the target object changes, nor, to relearn according to environmental changes.

To Make Security
Motion Intelligence in action - AI identifying the displacement of pixels in the environment.

Markets where Icetana's AI solution operates

With all the advantages that Icetana's AI solution presents, it is used in many different places that have security systems with video surveillance, guaranteeing the increase of efficiency of the systems.


In places like airports, it is necessary to monitor thousands of video cameras, because they are the ones that drive the security systems. Based on suspicious images, the security guards can intervene in the situation to prevent accidents, robberies, attacks, among other situations that can happen. This way, the systems that rely on Icetana's AI solution can issue alerts in real time, optimizing the security team's action.


Places such as ports and terminals need intelligent security systems that can send real-time alerts about abnormal events, such as people stopped in inappropriate places and vehicles driving out of the expected road. Icetana's AI solution has excellent results in these areas, because the alerts make the team aware of all occurrences and can act quickly when any event happens.

Shopping Centers

Like many other places, shopping malls are considered one of the safest places, because they have large video surveillance systems. However, we still see news of robberies in these places, events that can be minimized with Icetana's AI solution. The solution sends alerts in real time whenever an abnormal situation starts, giving the security team time to act.

University Campus

One of the biggest concerns on the university campus is people's safety. So the investment in security systems is common. The introduction of artificial intelligence in video surveillance ensures that all abnormal situations are identified, bringing more security and information about the campus and its visitors.

Distribution Center

Another type of facility that requires intelligent security systems are distribution centers (DCs) and also large warehouses. Both are facilities that need an efficient video surveillance system that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate alerts as soon as an abnormal situation is identified, such as people standing or vehicle traffic in prohibited places, enabling the security team to act quickly.

Bank Agencies

Banks and bank agencies are frequent targets of bandits, so they need to be constantly updating their video surveillance systems. In this sense, Icetana's AI solution is also excellent, because any abnormal situation inside or outside the premises will be identified by artificial intelligence. It generates a safe environment for the employees and the clients.


Security systems with video surveillance are essential in several markets, and to make them even more efficient, you can use Icetana's AI solution together with your current system.


Icetana’s AI solution is highly efficient with a minimum investiment, especially if compared to the high return it brings to your company.


Contact us to learn how to upgrade your system and have all the advantages that Icetana's AI solution offers.


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