23 May 2023

Introducing BLANVIEW-3 From Toppan Ortustech

Introducing BLANVIEW-3 From Toppan Ortustech

Toppan Ortustech's unique panel technology BLANVIEW® with high outdoor visibility has evolved significantly in this newest generation, BLANVIEW-3

BLANVIEW® is a Toppan Ortustech proprietary technology with high transmission efficiency and reflectivity, which boasts high performance with high outdoor visibility and low power consumption. BLANVIEW® utilizes HAST (Hyper Amorphous Silicon TFT) technology to enable low-resistive wiring and ultra-narrow pitch COG bonding process; resulting in a 30% larger aperture ratio compared to conventional TFT modules. The enhanced 3rd Gen BLANVIEW technology now features 45% higher reflectivity than the previous generation of products.


Visibility in sunlight requires a significantly increased backlight brightness, which consumes a substantial amount of power. However, Toppan's BLANVIEW® minimizes “Dead space” between pixels which allows a larger area to illuminate the LED, so you can see the screen clearly even in sunlight without increasing the brightness of the backlight. For this reason, the power consumption is about half that of other traditional transmissive products making BLANVIEW® a great choice for battery-powered devices used outdoors.


The COM35H3R07ULC, a 3.5” form factor with DVGA (640 x RGB x 960 Portrait) resolution was chosen as the first release to accommodate portable outdoor handheld applications. This unique module offers a long-life LED backlight (Up to 70k hrs) and a wide temperature range (-30 ~ 80C) which is ideal for markets such as industrial, medical, defense, or consumer.


Toppan Ortustech offers long product lifecycles with a minimum of 5 years and low MOQs making them a great choice for clients who use their displays in products that require medical, government, or safety certifications or for small-volume production runs.


If you want to learn more about Toppan, contact us at marketing.mae@macnica.com.


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