14 September 2022

What is the cost for a company when the sold product arrives defective to the end customer?

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  • Lose credibility
  • Generate costs to collect the defective product
  • Rework to correct the error
  • Generate scrap


These are some problems that can occur when a product is poorly manufactured. No company wishes to receive a complain about a defective product, because besides damaging the image, it also brings losses.


How to increase the ROI of manual assembly?

To avoid this type of situation and gain a greater return on investment (ROI) in production, companies are increasingly investing in solutions that can reduce errors.


Any assembly process is prone to errors and various ways to avoid them are implemented. But, what could you do when manual assembly is essential for the process?


How to avoid manual assembly errors?

This is the question that every production manager should be asking to increase ROI and increase profitability.


When we have a manual and repetitive assembly process, automation is often not an option, as the process is sensitive and dynamic.


In these cases, investing in a system that works together with the operator is the best solution.


That is, having a system that monitors manual assembly work and issues alerts in real-time if an error occurs. This way, it is corrected immediately, avoiding bad manufacturing calls.


The entire manual assembly process requires a lot of attention from the operator in order to have functional products at the end of the process.


Even the most experienced operator is susceptible to failure, given the effect of fatigue during working hours. Therefore, a monitoring system is essential.


With the monitoring system, the operator will feel more at ease during his work, as he will have an extra pair of eyes.


With this, besides increasing ROI, the so-called: defective product will decrease dramatically, reaching 60% in two weeks, as achieved by an assembly line in Shenzhen using the Retrocausal solution.

The solution for manual assembly

You can also reduce errors by up to 60% on your manual assembly line with Retrocausal's PathFinder Apollo solution.


It is a video monitoring platform that follows all the steps of the manual assembly process and sends alerts in real time if a step is not performed.


Thus, the operator can correct the error immediately and ensure that all products are assembled efficiently.

A partnership between man and machine that brings a lot of results!

In addition to monitoring the manual assembly process, the PathFinder platform is a great ally in the training of new operators, as it is able to monitor the activities performed, issue alerts, and display explanatory videos of each step, allowing the operator to have autonomy already in the first days of work.


All of these benefits of the PathFinder platform reduce manual assembly errors and increase initial performance of new operators by 10%.


Contact us and learn how to take all these advantages to your manual and repetitive assembly process and increase ROI.


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